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Real Name: David K.     Contact Me
Category: Poetry, Writers 
Date Joined: Nov. 16, 2011
Last Login: Sep. 21, 2016   Time: 5:42 PM
Total Logins: 24
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N.K. David is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and a proven International Author/ Blogger. He has received many accolades. He has featured in magazines like UBAWA magazine (, Bending reality magazine January and February 2016 edition ( He has many online interviews which include a radio interview on indies in motion Hollywood California, on 9th April 2012 and on book goodies

He made Golden Nugget on muttonline (

His 1st book, "It is time we truly know why Jesus wept" is a powerful inspirational and motivational book. The book is so powerful that it was selected among the best 50 books of 2013 on UBAWA. The book was written out of personal struggle and challenges which led to a quest to find answers to what has made life unbearable to man. The story in the book, as told by unseen being, made the revelation.

He writes because he is a man of few words whom God, himself, gave a strong pen. He has published 5 books that can impact lives for many generations to come. His books cut across different genre including The Formula for Reincarnation: The rebirth equation which is a mystery. His book, Most Perfect Exchange: The Cost of Liberty is a story about racism. Therefore, he is destined to be such Authors whom the world will be sure lived. His others books are My Game: The switch and Noble Killers: Left Eye.

He has a Blog ( where he received accolades as the most engaging writer.

He is known for his stand on religious tolerance, equity, the brotherhood of man and justice for all. He came to understand the basic truth. Man was persecuted for religious sake. Yet, the persecuted often becomes the persecutor.

As Veterinary Doctor, he believes by domesticating animals we have transferred their upkeep from nature to our shoulders. Therefore, they deserve our affection and our patient care. That is the reason he gives free medical treatment and help to provide a home for pets in cases where a pet owner is no longer able to afford treatment and upkeep of a pet.


Specialties: writing
What's in it for me?: I trust that it is possible to reach people and communicate with them through writing and poems. I express myself through the things I write just as some arts are meant to express some feelings, stories, or events. I trust that it is possible for me to meet like minds through my works and as such we can come together for collectively our good. I once thought that we are few that understand the need for religious tolerance but I now know that more people are waking up to the truth. My writings can be mystical, inspirational, motivational, and emotional.


What's in it for you?: I want to connect with other Authors, readers, and publishers.


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