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 Members Profile: tmdthree6160   
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About Me:
Real Name: Tom Dwyer    Contact Me
Location: Marietta, NY US 
Category: Writers, Photography 
Date Joined: Feb. 23, 2012
Last Login: Feb. 10, 2014   Time: 3:42 PM
Total Logins: 3
Judged: None
Bio/Description: I've only been a photographer for about a decade and I've only begun leading workshop within the past few years. While some form of photography has been part of my life since my early days in the United States Air Force in the '60's, it wasn't until I received a gift subscription to Outdoor Photographer magazine in 2000 that my interest in outdoor photography really began to grow.

I'm seldom without my camera so most of my images have developed close to home in Central and Upstate New York... the Finger Lakes and Adirondack regions. However, I've been fortunate in recent years to be able to travel to what many consider prime photography locations such as the coast of Maine, southeast Alaska, the central coast of California, Arizona, Vermont, the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and Florida.

Still, as enjoyable as these locales are to photograph, it is always nice to get back home and to recognize the beauty in our own backyard.

Flower photography is a natural for backyard photography, whether capturing images of wildflowers in the forest or cultivated flowers in the home garden, there can be magic in the experience.

For the most part, I take the photos that work for me, catch my interest, and will look good on the walls of my home and office. Still, it's a thrill to have others enjoy my images and to even want to hang them in their homes or offices. Probably the greatest personal benefit of my photography has been my recognition of the natural beauty the good Lord has blessed us with, thats all around us. It makes little difference  sunsets, waterfalls, ice storms, wildflowers, majestic mountains, local parks, ocean side cliffs, or neighborhood streams  His beauty is all around us . . .we only need to see it.

While everyday, photography becomes a bigger part of my life, since my days in the Air Force most of my livelihood has come from work as a writer and editor. My first editorial job was as the sports editor for the base newspaper at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware in 1965. From there various Air Force assignments eventually launched my magazine career, as Senior Staff Writer for the Air Forces Airmans Magazine.

Upon leaving the Air Force I eventually accepted my last real job as Senior Editor for Boys Life Magazine published by the Boy Scouts of America. When the BSA headquarters was moved from North Brunswick, NJ in 1977-78 my wife and I decided that the new location in Texas was too far from home and family and would require raising our children outside the influence of our families, so I embarked on my life as a freelance writer and independent business owner.

By 1984 I had gravitated to the custom publishing business and opened a company that is known today as Pinnacle Publications and publishes custom magazines for business. Photography assumes an ever growing role in my life and today youll find my Natural Images in galleries and shows throughout New York State and in increasingly in publications near and wide.


Specialties: LaNdscape/nature photography
What's in it for me?: When I first began leading workshops, it immediately became apparent to me that this was something I truly enjoyed. I think it's a combination of the interaction with people of similar interests as well as the opportunity help them appreciate the art of nature photography and grow in their art that excites me the most.


What's in it for you?: Besides those who purchase my images in galleries or through my website, most of the people I serve say they return because of my enthusiasm. Indeed it's that enthusiasm for nature photography that I try to instill in my tour and workshop participants.


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