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   Fouke, AR US
   Bay Minette, AL US
   Flint, MI US
   Saline, MI US
My Article:

The first droplets- a prelude to wonders unsung-an invocation for events sublime- the preface of a heavenly epic- touch the earth with mundane finality, and yet echo with subtle intonations….undertones of joy….the very genesis of a symphony so beautiful, its melody captivating, enrapturing….yes, the music of the Gods…. 

And then slowly, intentionally, the beat ascends….larger drops pour down, ecstatic; almost as if racing each other to the impatient, thirsty earth; thirsty for hope, for pleasure in simple joys….for life. Its rhythmic pitter; its melodious patter all entwine into tunes unique, unearthly, beautiful…. 

‘And feel the joyous touch of rain, 
It’s loving kiss upon thy face’ 

.….love for it, hope from it, sing for it, joy from it…. 

.…and ascending melodies, enthralling droplets dive and fall, stumble and weave towards a rising climax- a shout of exaltation, an unspoken whisper- both at once….here it arrives-majestic, grand, overwhelming. 

Yes, its audience hypnotized, lost in rising tunes, and quickened rhythms, ascending beats…. Lovingly entwining, joyfully conjoining, playfully spiraling upwards towards a surreal crescendo-music heavenly- the orchestra symphonizing, climbing until-the final burst of hope- the eventual explosion of joy- the inevitable scream of denial of despair…… the God’s weaving magic…. 

‘And hope shall find its way again 
With holy grandeur and humbling grace’ 

……love for it, hope from it, sing for it, joy from it…. 

Then the silence….the universe overwhelmed…the inanimate comes alive with exuberant joy….the living breathes hope again….the sun shines in acknowledgment of genius….the winds blow in humbled by greatness….chirping birds and clearing skies and then the angel’s gift- a heavenly conglomeration of joyous colours light the horizon…. Yes, the universe overwhelmed, the audience humbled into a standing ovation…… 

…..yes there is hope, hope in the simples of miracles….hope through the driest despair. 

‘tis falling drops shall cleanse thy pain, 
Agony- tis a passing phase’ 

….love for it, hope from it, sing for it, joy from it…

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